Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's so unusual

I've been so busy in the last week. I've worked much harder than I'm used to just to be in all the places I'm supposed to be and get done even half of what I'm supposed to have done. It's been really hard to keep up.

But I've been okay. Once the major house trauma was sorted— and let me confess my awareness that while it's as sorted as it's going to get, there's no guarantee the person concerned will not continue to affect all our lives in some way— I've been able to focus more. I'm still on the recoil, but at least now I'm back to having a grip of some sort, and not feeling like there's going to be a total emergency demanding my attention at any time.

Then there's being in love, and while I'm really just riding that at the moment, part of me is also examining what that feels like this time around. I'm trying not to judge it in comparison with or in the context of my past relationships and just let it be what it is, and I think that's the best approach. It's hard for me to talk or write about my feelings in this context because I come from a a background where intimate relationships are the most private of matters. More on this as I overcome my mental blocks.


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey little brother, sorry the house has been difficult. I am so happy to hear you are in love and even more pleased to see you are just letting it be. I hope this time its everything you want, need and deserve and that you are able to enjoy it in a satifying way. I guess I wish you everything I never managed to give you. Love and snuggle. Wolfie


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